by anotherphotonoob

car in the sunset

Sunset, Volvo P1800.

Sunset. Volvo P1800. Blue hour

detail. volvo p1800. sunset

classic race car, volvo p1800, shot at sunset.

Volvo P1800. Classic race car. Through the window, shot at sunset. Detail.

Classic race car. Detail. Back. Volvo P1800. Sunset

The sunset seen through a flower

Sunset seen through a flower

these shots are all done in the natural light from the setting sun

it was a perfect warm evening for shooting dads classic race car, a volvo p1800, from all different angles

the photos have been converted through lightroom 3

i’ve mostly spent time warming up the colors  and  then applying different split tones to the images

ohh yearh


…as promised yesterday, the blog will be running again now. i won’t be posting daily, instead you’ll get more photos in each post